Love Knows No Borders.


July 31st 2016 was the day that my life would change forever. It would never be the same as I knew it. God was sending me on my first Mission Trip. Kenya, Africa. I had never even seen a airport before much less flown on a airplane! Our team would be spending two weeks in Kenya ministering to the people there.
During those two weeks, God showed me such amazing things. He opened my heart. Gave me compassion for those living in such poverty. Showed me what true joy looks like. What true love looks like. What having a hunger for His Word is. I truly learned what ‘love knows no borders’ means.
My heart aches for the people of Kenya. There is a fire inside of me that burns to tell the world about what God is doing there. The stories you hear is hard to swallow because the reality is real for them. Their not stories. That is their life.
I cannot express enough how the Holy Spirit has moved inside my heart. No words will ever come close to how much love I have for our Lord Jesus Christ. He is moving. He is alive! He is sending our church team back to Kenya this July, and I am beyond ready. As each day draws closer the fire within my soul gets bigger, and only God could do that.
It has now been 7 months since my first Mission trip to Kenya, and God has put the word “Under His Wings Ministry” in my heart. With the people of Kenya at the heart of it. I do not know what all He has planned, but I do know that I will trust Him fully to carry it out. I do know that it will be a long-term impact in remote villages there as God is orchestrating it all. The ministry would be dedicated to sharing Hope for those in remote villages in Kenya, Africa. To help sponsor children so the need of education, spiritual, and nutritional needs would be met.
God says: “I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.” -John 14:18
He uses His followers to go to all nations to share His Gospel and love.

Please pray that God’s guidance will be all through this. I choose to wait on Him.


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